Gimana sih caranya meningkatkan produktivitas?

Kadang berasa pingin ngelakuin banyak hal, cuman waktu kok terbang sih. Sebenarnya, kita bisa kok memaksimalkan produktivitas. Menurut research, kebanyakan dari kita ini abisin waktu 2.5 jam sehari buat ngeliatin hp doang loh. Belum lagi buat nglamun, buka tutup kulkas, mondar-mandir yang ga jelas, or hal-hal lainnya deh. Jadi gimana ya caranya buat ngelakuin lebih … More Gimana sih caranya meningkatkan produktivitas?

The Things with Companies with Stacks of Cash…

At the time of I’m writing this, November 2017, Apple has 256 Billion of CASH with 93.3% of it held overseas. This much cash is almost the size of Malaysia’s GDP (296.4 Billion)! Its Loan-To-Debt Ratio of 45% (average technologies have its ltd of 50-55%). Although having a ton of cash is surely a good … More The Things with Companies with Stacks of Cash…

Can Stock Market Boost Economic Growth?

I read many reports that said that stock market is only boosting the economy in advanced countries such as the USA, or the UK, and that developing countries are more benefited from banking industries. However, I believe that stock market could contribute to boosting the economy, as long as the market is reliable/trustworthy. Holding other … More Can Stock Market Boost Economic Growth?

Sources of Finances Equity Entrepreneur and team members Friends & family Business angels Venture capitalists Other companies/strategic investors Stock Markets Debt Banks Leasing companies Government agencies Customers or suppliers (i.e. trade credit) Bootstrapping (i.e. credit card, working capital management, etc)

Bank’s Too Big Too Fail (TBTF) Real Problems

Politicians and economists are arguing that the real problems are due to a number of stable deposits. Banks loan about $40 trillion credits to the nation but only supported by $11 trillion. Some argue that Some argue that government should impose regulation that requires higher capitals for banks to operate. While opponents said it would … More Bank’s Too Big Too Fail (TBTF) Real Problems