Economics Assignment

‘1. When there is an economic equality, more people are stimulated to work harder. Since people work harder, they would generate more income. Income contributes to the growing GDP which is also a good sign of economic growth. 3. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, under the Affordable Care Act, average … More Economics Assignment

Sociology Assignment

One topic that instantly clicks to my experience is the “Media Concentration” (Schaefer, 121). Nowadays, most of us are overruled by the boom of marketings in mass media. Everything that is promoted through the TV and billboards seems to be the ideal model of living. Though personally, I think it is very cruel for mass … More Sociology Assignment

Types of Change in Organization

Types of change in an organization: 1. Adaptative As the name indicates, this change happens slowly in which the organization adjust one or two changes. It is the least complex, costly, uncertain, and threatening approach to change. 2. Innovative This approach generally happens when organization wants to introduce a new practice. For instance, companies integrate … More Types of Change in Organization

Poor Performance Management Could Lead to Million Dollar Losses

Summary Wells Fargo, a US Bank based in San Francisco was accused to have opened about 3.5 million unauthorized or fraudulent customer accounts since 2011 to 2015. In May 2015, Los Angeles City Attorney, sued Wells Fargo over allegations of unauthorized accounts. The way it worked was that branch managers were assigned the amount and … More Poor Performance Management Could Lead to Million Dollar Losses

Case Study on Uncertain Policy in Indian Railways Project

Summary (page 133-134) There was an engineering project to build railway in India, funded in part by the government of India. The project was handled by international joint venture (IJV) of several design and build companies in different countries, all of whom never work together before this project. Both projects were awarded as separate Design … More Case Study on Uncertain Policy in Indian Railways Project

Career Mediocrity

How to stand out and avoid career mediocrity? Focus on meeting clients need instead of lowering budget weeks ahead Come up with well thought idea thats different from other people. Give out credit to other people Admit your mistake