Bank’s Too Big Too Fail (TBTF) Real Problems

Politicians and economists are arguing that the real problems are due to a number of stable deposits. Banks loan about $40 trillion credits to the nation but only supported by $11 trillion. Some argue that

Some argue that government should impose regulation that requires higher capitals for banks to operate. While opponents said it would increase the credit cost, proponents say that customers would accept a lower return as long as they know their assets are safer.

Meanwhile, Richard Fisher, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President, suggested that TBTF banks are downsized into smaller multiple entities. This is because TBTF banks such as JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo assume that they have too much influence to be let to crumble ( the government would help them to bailout). Therefore, Fischer argues that the government intervention would be less effective if this TBTF mentality persists.


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