Summary of Article “Taking your Code to China”

Summary Companies have adapted global codes of conduct and ethical standards. The challenge is how these companies can apply these codes to developing countries, particularly in Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Pressure for human rights, environmental, and corruption fight are rising in domestic homes and global commerce. Companies’ reputation is at risk when they don’t … More Summary of Article “Taking your Code to China”

Analysis on Ethical Issue

5,300 Wells Fargo employees fired over 2 million phony accounts   ETHICAL ISSUE : Fraudulent Source :   Wells Fargo, a US Bank based in San Francisco was accused to have opened about 3.5 million unauthorized or fraudulent customer accounts since 2011 to 2015. In May 2015, Mike Fueuer, Los Angeles City Attorney, sued … More Analysis on Ethical Issue


Managing our thoughts and behaviors can result in positive emotions. Things we can do: Manage Expectations Take time to plan and organize Give gift to other people Avoid partisan conversations, we can say “talking about that stuff makes my head hurt” Always assume that other people have good intentions Focus on the job in front … More SUMMARY of POSITIVE ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR

Populist vs Progessive Era Reform

Comparison of Populist and Progressive Era Reform Grange: Patrons of                          Farmers Alliance/                Progressive Reform Husbandry                                        Knights of Labor Peoples Party planks Regulation of railroad (RR) rates through Granger Law (1873) – declared unconstitutional State ownership of RR (not just regulation), banks and telegraph RR regulation through Interstate Commerce Commission Regulation of grain storage … More Populist vs Progessive Era Reform